If You See Someone With This Mark On Their Palm, Call The Cops ASAP!

Spread the word about this important campaign!

If you’re out in public and catch a glimpse of a woman with a black dot on her palm, call the police.

This may seem like a odd suggestion, but it will make more sense when you understand what the Black Dot Campaign is all about.

The Black Dot Campaign seeks to help women who are victims of domestic abuse, and thus far, it’s already helped 6 women out of some very dangerous situations.

This campaign began on Facebook and has already reached more than 6000 people around the world.

Women who are victims of domestic abuse are not always able to seek help themselves. Sometimes, the situation they’re in is simply too dangerous, and even trying to seek help could threaten their lives.

So, women who are in these extremely precarious situations draw a black dot on their hands to signal that they need HELP.

Hear one woman speak out about domestic abuse:

‘I’m heavily pregnant and the baby’s father is very abusive. With words, his hands.

I’ve been petrified for so long and even more with the baby coming soon. I was at the hospital yesterday, he was with me, and he never leaves my side anymore.’

via: survley

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