These Simple Tips From Experts Will Vastly Improve Your Sleep

We spend around a third of our lifetime sleeping, so it’s really worth doing well! These simple tips will do you a world of good in your bid for a sound night’s sleep.

A lot of health problems arise from not getting good sleep, both in quantity and in quality. So many of the common sleep issues can be solved with simple tips that have been compiled from sleep experts and which are easy to implement.

Maintaining a good posture, exercise and abstaining from bad habits before bed is all you really need to do to get a really good night’s sleep.

Shoulder Pain

To avoid aggravating a sore shoulder:

Do: Sleep on your back while hugging a pillow or sleep on the side that doesn’t hurt with your legs drawn up.

Don’t: Sleep with your hand under your head or sleep on your stomach.

via: survley

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