Hilarious Social Media Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Well, that’s hilariously awkward…

Social media is a great thing.

It’s a great way to connect with people and share those special moments in your life with the whole world.

We’ve all seen people on social media make some pretty outrageous claims from time to time. Sometimes, with people sharing suspicious information.

Other times they just need to amplify their ‘awesomeness’ with a misleading photo.

Most of the time we don’t pay much attention to it. Well, that’s until someone publicly makes a fool of themselves.

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s too funny!

Take a look for yourself!


What on earth is Ernie doing on someone’s stomach?

via: auntyacid


Why would someone do that? My life’s traumatic enough as it is!

via: auntyacid


I’m just wondering how on Earth he managed to get himself all caught up like that in the first place.

via: auntyacid

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