14 Old-School Struggles Kids Of 2017 Will Never Ever Understand

Today, at a time when floppy disks are used as retro party decor and flip phones are considered hipster, nostalgia is bound to hit those of us who probably seem ancient to today’s kids. If you can still remember how cool it was to have the first Nokia camera phone or a Motorola flip phone, you fall right into that category! With nowdays advanced gadgets, tools, and the Internet, our kids would never quite understand how it was like for us back then. Get ready for a major throwback to the good old days with these pictures most of the kids born after 2000 will never ever understand.
(h/t: brightside)

1. When you had to choose between the phone and the internet:

via: img02.olx.ua

2. And you had to be resourceful and use a pen to rewind a cassette tape, because an automatic rewinder was expensive:

via: mixedmartialarts.com

3. When your computer pulled a Matrix on you:

via: twitter.com

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