17 Lying Cheaters Who Were Brutally Exposed On Facebook

Maybe they’ll think twice next time.

No relationship is safe these days.

All you have to do is look online and you’ll see at least one couple breaking up, and more than likely because of cheating.Why anyone would cheat escapes my reasoning, but it looks like most couples these days do it.Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer leaving a relationship if I’m unhappy.Scorned lovers make great enemies, and so, it’s no wonder why many cheaters are exposed on the internet in some rather brutal ways.But let the punishment fit the crime.

Here are some of the most brutal ways cheaters have been exposed online.


That’s cruel and devious… I love it!

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I wonder if she ever found the rightful owner? Then again, I’m sure he wouldn’t want it back after reading this.

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Why would you do something like this? Just leave if you’re unhappy.

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What an introduction!

via: auntyacid.

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