14 Photos That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable

That’s 50 shades of creepy!

It seems strange to most of us that disgust is one of the most fundamental human emotions.

There’s a reason why disgust is one of the main characters in Inside Out.

That fact that we feel physically sick by looking at something we deem disgusting is pretty incredible.

Disgust is like humor, we all have it, and we have a huge reaction to it.

It’s not a feeling you’re able to think about in intellectual terms.

Instead, we get a sense of nausea. Which suggests it’s a primal reaction.

We can’t help but recoil in horror away from certain stimuli.

Here are some of the most disgusting things on the internet.

We hope you can make it through this sturning-turing collection of photos.


What a beautiful face!

via: auntyacid


Is that a chicken pretending to be a turkey?

via: auntyacid


How is she that flexible?!

via: auntyacid

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