Try The 6 World’s Easiest Exercises For Back Fat and Underarm Flab

These are the 6 easiest exercises for back fat and underarm flab. Get to work…

#1 – Prone Reverse Fly

This exercise will have your arms looking tight and your back flab completely gone. Start lying on the ground with your face down. Raise your chest and head off the ground. Turn your palms so they are facing the ceiling. You should notice a tightness in your shoulders. Do 15 sets of 30 seconds.

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#2 – T.Y.I

This exercise is easy to remember because you simply a “T” shape with your body, and then go into a “Y” shape, athen finally do a “I” shape. This is one of the easiest and the most effective exercises for getting rid of back fat and arm flab.

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#3 – Superman

The superman is an excellent exercise for getting rid of the pesky back fat and disgusting arm flab. Just like the superhero we all know and love, you basically imagine you’re flying. Get on your stomach, and raise your legs and chest off the ground with your arms in front.

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