What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About This Sexist Cartoon

This very sexist cartoon is enraging the internet. But do they full understand its meaning?

#1 Check Out This Sexist Cartoon

The creator of this sexist cartoon is getting a lot of flak on the internet. But according to him, the people who are getting angry over this have completely missed the point. The creator of the cartoon goes by the pseudonym “Sortimid.”

via: good.is

#2 It’s Just Porn

According to him, it was never meant to be a political statement. It was just something he drew as part of a “transformation porn” fetish, where women change their body types, often including bimbification of some kind and breast enlargement. Now people are creating funny edits of his original cartoon, such as this one, and many more that he has shared on his Twitter.

via: good.is

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