Husband Reveals to Wife That He is Leaving Her for Her Sister, But The Wife’s Response is SAVAGE

Marriages are beautiful, but what happens when someone decides to split up? Or leave them for their spouse’s sibling? This guy did just that…

#1 – The Break

Marriages are tricky. The ones that last are increasingly hard to come by, so when you see couples married for over 20 years, it’s really a treat to see. For this husband and wife, their story went viral because only after 7 years, they decided to call it quits as the husband decided he was no longer interested in fulfilling his vows. He wrote her a letter…

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#2 – The Call

It all started when the husband got a call from his wife’s place of work. It was her boss. The boss told the husband that his wife had quit the job earlier in the day. While this came as a surprise to the boss and the husband, it was only icing on the cake for the husband as he was already feeling distant from his wife.

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#3 – His Thoughts

He mentioned in his letter that he tried his best to keep things fresh between the two. One night in particular stood out. He went out of his way to cook her favorite dish at home. He bought new clothes to look good for her and he tried to really be romantic to spice things up a bit. But instead of appreciating his efforts, he said that they ate in silence and simply went to bed. That’s only PART of why he was leaving.

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#4 – Even More Crazy…

So he wrote her a letter. He detailed all of the insecurities he was feeling about them and admitted that there was someone else. And it was someone close — her SISTER. He left the note at home and she read it. As a response, she wrote him a letter, too. She was very blunt with him and he was the same with her.

via: ridiculously

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