Mom Has Repairman Fix Furnace, Only To Find A Note About Her Newborn Son Scribbled On Receipt

This mom had a great repairman help her furnace. But that’s not all…

#1 Jesse and Maria Hulscher Had A Broken Furnace

Jesse and Maria Hulscher had just welcomed a new son into their lives. But they had no time to celebrate. They had to fix their furnace, and since they lived in Minnesota, they were extremely worried about the snow and the cold. That’s when a repairman arrived.

via: youtube

#2 Baby Adler Needed Heat

Their newborn son Adler desperately needed heat. So they called up Magnuson Sheet Metal, hoping that they could send a repairman fast… And hopefully for cheap. Luckily, the company’s owner Craig knew how desperate the situation was and sent a guy over that fixed the furnace in an hour.

via: youtube

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