Mom Is Torn To Pieces After All 3 Daughters Break This News To Her Back To Back

This mom was given terrible news… Not once, but three times…

#1 – These Three Sisters All Got Cancer

Katie Warrent, Kristal Ford-Spencer and Cassie Ford all were diagnosed with cancer recently. When they broke the news to their mom, she was inconsolable. That’s because she had just beaten cancer 20 years ago, and now it reared its ugly head once more.

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#2 – But They Got A Surprise

The first sister, Katie, found out she had cancer, but was convinced that her sisters were free of the disease: “Because of my age and having no history they didn’t consider it…but when I found out, yes it was scary, but I was just thinking ‘thank God it isn’t Kristal or Cassie.” Then, Kristal found out she too had cancer, as she revealed: “The doctor read my diagnosis right off the report – ‘you have a malignant mass’ – because I could tell she didn’t want to say the words ‘you have cancer’.”

via: upliftingforever

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