Police Pull Car Out of Muddy River. Who They Find Mom Still Clinging to Is Just Devastating

Police scrambled to pull this car out of a river. What they found will shock you…

#1 Huge Tragedy In Australia

The entire world is reeling after a terrible tragedy involving a mother and her children in Australia. The family’s car crashed into the Tweed river in Bilambil Heights, and the car quickly disappeared beneath the murky depths. But one girl survived…

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#2 One Little Girl Ran For Help

43-year-old mother Stephanie King crashed the car after a recent cyclone caused bad conditions on the road. The mother was able to help just one of her children escape – 8-year-old Chloe May. She was able to swim to the shore and run for help.

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#3 She Died A Hero

Tweed-Byron Police Superintendent Wayne Starling has nothing but kind words for Stephanie King, saying, “I have no doubt whatsoever that woman is a hero. She died trying to save her children. I have no doubt she would still be alive today if she wasn’t trying to save them.”

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