Rude Neighbor Blocks Old Man’s Driveway With Cinder Blocks, So He Teaches Him A Lesson

Neighbors can be a real pain in the rear end, but this one might take the cake.

#1 Oliver Lynch thought he knew his home

That is, until he returned to his Osceola, Florida home one day to find his driveway littered with a row of cinder blocks, which were cemented to the ground. The cause? A new neighbor building a home decided that Ollie’s driveway encroached on his property line, and took action.
via: youtube

#2 Lynch felt bullied

Because it was a legitimate dispute and pictures show that the neighbor may actually be right, this is about the most brazen way to go about it. He never talked to Lynch, asked if he would mind or even contest, he just went ahead and laid down the blocks on the driveway.

via: youtube

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