Woman Slips Her Fingernail Into Her Drink At The Bar — When It Changed Color She Calls The Cops

This new nail polish save lives

#1 – Spiked Drinks

Your mother always told you to cover your drink at a bar, and she was so right. It only takes a second for someone to slip something into your glass and you won’t know until you start to feel the ill effects, and by then, it’s usually too late to do anything about it.

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#2 – Life Saver

The date rape drug is one such drug that is slipped into the drinks of unsuspecting women at bars. Now that’s all changing thanks to a new nail polish that can detect the presence of a substance in your drink just by dipping your painted fingernail into the liquid.

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#3 – Date Rape

Date rape has become epidemic. This drug renders a woman helpless and with no recollection of the rape afterward. They cannot identify their rapist and are left feeling violated and vulnerable. It’s not always enough to pay attention to your drink, because there is always that moment you will look away, even with glass in hand.

via: relayhero

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