15 Hysterical Things All Overtired Moms Have Done

Parenting is better done when you’re not sleep deprived.

Being a mom is hard work, especially when you’re functioning on only a few hours sleep.Here are some of the funniest things sleep deprived moms have done in the past.


‘I screamed when I saw a magazine with a large picture of a baby on the cover poking out of the trash can because I thought someone had thrown my baby away!’

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‘After feeding my newborn son I tried to fold some laundry, but fell asleep in the pile of clothes with my boobs still out. I leaked milk all over the clothes and woke up drenched.’

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I was co-sleeping (safely!) with my daughter when I became positive she was trying to nurse. I woke up to find myself shoving my nipple into her ear.’

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‘When my sleep-deprived self-went to check on him and saw a stuffed kangaroo, I woke up my husband, crying, and yelled, “OUR SON TURNED INTO A KANGAROO!” Then I fainted. When I came to, my husband was laughing and our son was looking at me through the crib bars.’

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‘I was so overtired that when I finally got to sleep I had a night terror that my son was stuck inside my pillow, and I had to rip it apart to save him. (He was really asleep in his bed just fine.)’

via: auntyacid

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