9-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom’s Life By Not Doing As He Was Told

Talk about breaking the rules!

Being a single parent can be tough work. Especially when you’re dealing with young children.

But if a busy single parent can’t notice the signs of her own medical emergency, she could end up in grave danger.Something which could put herself and her kids in jeopardy.

This is exactly what happens when one single mom in Washington thought a midday nap was a good idea.

Her 9-year-old son refused to go to sleep. He ended up saving her life.

via: auntyacid

In Sedro-Woolley, Washington, 9-year-old Camdyn Smith wanted to help out his mom, Kimberly.

“I make bottles… I changed Dylan’s diaper once!”

via: auntyacid

Camdyn’s care knew no bounds.

But during a terrifying incident involving his mother’s health, Camdyn proved that moms don’t always know best.

Kimberly had experienced chest pains, as well as trouble breathing. So Camdyn knew exactly what to do.

Kimberly thought nothing of it. She simply thought she’d be fine and decided to take a nap.

So she put the baby down and took a nap, but Camdyn knew better.

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