Amused People Share The Weirdest Thing They’ve Ever Done To Save Money

How on Earth did they survive?

We’d all like to save some money here and there.But some people will go to extreme lengths to save their pennies.

From eating leftovers three days in a row to washing monthly.

Here are some hilarious stories about people trying to get the most bang for their buck.


I have a friend whose grandfather would take out all of the grandchildren to Dunkin’ Donuts. He would buy a single doughnut and then cut it into six pieces for each of the grandchildren. Then he would take a huge handful of napkins and take them home with him. At home he would cut them in half to use.

This same man also bought cat food when he first came to America because he thought that it was cheap tuna for people and that the cat was a mascot selling the tuna.

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My wife always talks about her great-grandfather’s frugality. He hand built most of their furniture, had a black and white TV in the 90’s, and drank Sam’s Choice beer. The neighbors had a dispute with him concerning the overhang of his outside shed, it apparently was too close to their property line. So this rickety old man filled his Sam’s Choice beer cans with homemade concrete, somehow raised the entire shed by himself, and rolled it on the cans 6 inches away from their property. Entire endeavor cost about $8. This man was slick.

Weird thing is, he had money. Lots of money. He was an engineer for NASA during the Gemini/Apollo missions. I guess doing it right for a cheap as possible was ingrained in him. He died before I met my wife. He would have been fun to talk to.

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When my grandpa was alive, he griped at my dad for leaving the Num lock on on the keyboard because it was wasting electricity. My dad gave him a nickel and was like “there, that just covered the next two years.”

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My grandpa takes everything from restaurants he can get his hands on. Crackers, mints, ketchup packets, napkins. Not like one. Like a lot.

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The year before I went to University I had a sudden realization that I would need to start thinking about household essentials in a way I hadn’t before. I was paying for everything myself, so I thought it would be a genius idea to start saving up as many free things I could, that way I could have myself covered for those basic costs. Every time I went to a restaurant I would take home fistfuls of ketchup, mustard, straws, napkins, sugar, salt, pepper, and other of those little free giveaways. I must’ve collected hundreds and I was pretty proud of myself, too, until my mom came in one day and asked me.

I must’ve collected hundreds and I was pretty proud of myself, too, until my mom came in one day and asked me what it all was. “Oh, I’m saving this stuff for university,” I said. My mom looked at the sugar packets and was like, “You know you could buy a full bag of sugar for like two dollars, right?” Oh.

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