Deaf Baby Bursts Into Tears After Hearing His Mom For The First Time

That was unexpected!

Let’s imagine we’ve lived our entire life in silence.

Then someone puts some weird plastic implant in your eyes (which must feel weird), and you’re suddenly confronted with this booming sound.

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This booming sound doesn’t stop and you soon realize it’s your mom calling you and you can finally hear her.

It would be a pretty magical moment, right?

Well for this little boy it was terrifying.

In fact, he burst into tears. I think he preferred the silence.

via: auntyacid

Most fetuses develop the ability to hear just 18 weeks after conception. This gives them plenty of time to understand their mother’s voice.

Because of this most babies are born able to pick their mother’s voice from a crowd.

Most babies.

Dawson Shull is not like most babies.

He was born with Cytomegalovirus, an infection contracted in the prenatal period. It causes loss of hearing in both ears.

This means Dawson was deaf months before he was born.

When he was born in May 2016, he was completely deaf in both ears. This means he would live nearly the first year of his life in silence.

via: auntyacid

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