These People Who Should Have Checked The Background Before Posting Their Photos

Oops, how did they miss that?

Taking the perfect photo is tricky.

It requires a lot of patience, care, and a lot of attention to detail.But thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, taking the perfect photo is even easier.It doesn’t matter if they’re holiday snapshots or goofy selfies.The ease and convenience of photography now mean that it’s much less hassle to take a picture than it used to be.

But these days more and more people don’t pay attention to what’s in the background of the photo.It’s just as important as the subject of the photo.Here are a few hilarious photos with something wrong in the background.


He just wanted to be a part of your photo.

via: auntyacid


Those shadows are so awkwardly placed!

via: auntyacid


Maybe he should have double checked that reflection!

via: auntyacid


At least she’ll never forget her trip to the zoo.

via: auntyacid


Ok, I’m kind of freaked out.

via: auntyacid

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