9 Children Who Are Figuring Out Life Faster Than You

These children are wise beyond their years…

Children are weird people when you think about it.

They’re at a certain age where social obligations and customs still haven’t set into them yet. Our mannerisms seem completely odd to them.But they’re also at the age where they can be completely honest about what they think, they haven’t learnt to lie under certain conditions yet.

Their behavior is completely puzzling and utterly refreshing, especially in this day and age.But every so often, we’ll come across a child who seems more like an old soul rather than a three-year-old.

Here are some hilarious children who are older than we think!


This kid will never forget the day you broke his heart.

via: auntyacid


Kids are real trend setters.

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That’s actually really funny!

via: auntyacid

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