Guy Created An Impressive Dating Resume And It Went Viral

That’s insane! No wonder it went viral!

Online dating can be tricky these days.You often feel like you’re lost in a sea of other people trying to find their soul mate.But one man has come up with a creative alternative to finding a potential partner.Joe Adams has constructed a pretty impressive dating resume to help him find a girlfriend.

via: auntyacid

Apparently, Adams became inspired to make a “dating resume” after he was denied by an “absolutely gorgeous” girl who asked him for one in the past.

At the time, he didn’t have one. So, in an attempt to let another potential girlfriend slip through his fingers, he decided to write one for his next dating opportunity.

via: auntyacid

After having a quick glance through his resume, it’s needless to say the girl missed out.

It’s pretty impressive!

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