There’s A Quick And Easy Way To Fix The Run In Your Tights In Less Than 2 Minutes

Where has this trick been all our lives?

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t go out in a dress and skirt. It just means wearing a pair of tights with it is more of a must than not.

While they may be a pain to wear, they do help keep our legs nice and toasty. That’s something we all need in such cold weather.

via: auntyacid

But it’s the most terrible and awkward moment when our tights run or get a hole, which then develops a run at one end of it.

It can really ruin a look, especially when the run or hole gets bigger. But what can you do, accept it or take off your tights? They’re not really great options.

If you leave them be, your run and the hole will only bigger. But if you take them off, then you’re legs are more exposed to the cold, and it doesn’t look very professional.

via: auntyacid

Thankfully, there’s a miracle trick you can do which will prevent the ladder or hole getting any bigger, essentially stopping it in its tracks.

There’s actually two little tricks. One is a quick fix for a short term solution, whereas the other will take a little longer but will solve the problem permanently. I know which one I’d prefer to know. 

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