He Found A Hidden iPhone Inside His Car’s Airbag, When Posted About It On Facebook, The Mystery Blew Wide Open

Someone left a phone in this guy’s Subaru. What followed was a hilarious conversation…

#1 Alex Tom Found A Phone

The internet is going wild after a man named Alex Tom found a phone in his car. The phone would turn out to be one of the most compelling mysteries ever seen on the internet. Since the day Alex found the strange phone, he has been on a quest to find the owner.

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#2 The Puzzle

So here’s a quick rundown on what exactly happened, and how Alex Tom found this phone in his car. First of all, the phone was found in the airbag compartment of the front passenger seat. That explains why it was hidden for so long.

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#3 Who Did It Belong To

The rest of the information surrounding the phone was murky at best. Since the phone was locked, Alex Tom could not see who it belonged to. It was stuck on Saturday,January  April 3rd, and the last day January 3rd was a Saturday was back in 2015.

via: huffingtonpost

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