Girl Runs Out Of Public Bathroom Crying, Then Mom Sees What’s On Her Legs

After taking much longer than usual, the mother was about to go check, when the little girl bolted from the bathroom in tears.

Nicole Langmead took her four year old daughter Kaya to eat and play at Mc Donald’s on New Year’s Day. This was a momentous day for the young girl, as her mom let her use the restroom “like a big girl.” But Nicole instantly knew something was not right when Kaya failed to come out of the bathroom…

Something Was Wrong…


Nicole noticed two teen girls come out of the bathroom laughing with each other, as if they’d just witnessed something hilarious. “There was super glue on the toilet seat,” Kaya said. “And it hurt my hands and my bum. I didn’t even know it.”

The Prank

The two teenage girls super glued the toilet seats and baby changing table in the women’s restroom…as a dumb prank! Nicole says her daughters skin had been ripped off from the glue.

via: lifehacker

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