Look at Malia Obama From the Back, Barack and Michelle Have Some Worrying To Do

Malia Obama has grown up somewhat in the public eye, but this latest picture shows that she is actually grown.

#1 Malia is Grown Up

The eldest of the Obama sisters, we have seen her go through college and now she is a working woman in New York City, interning for the Weinstein Company.

via: mtonews

#2 Back in College THIS Happened

Sure, she took a puff of the J like most college kids do at least once, but her status as First Daughter meant cameras were there to catch her doing it.

via: herb.co

#3 She’s Got a Booty Too!

I don’t know if it’s technically in good taste to be commenting on a former President’s daughter’s tookus, but lord knows it has been done before.

via: mtonews

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