OJ Simpson’s Daughter Sydney? She Looks Much Different. See Her At Age 30!

This is not the transformation i was expecting

#1 OJ Is Famous For The Wrong Reasons

We all know the story of how O.J was a huge story in the news after he went to court for allegedly killing his wife. But not many people know about what happened to his daughter.

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#2 Sydney Had A Famous Dad

Sydney was photographed numerous times as a young girl alongside her father. She is 30 years old now.

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#3 Her Life Was Affected By The Trial

After her father was accused of murdering his own wife and Sydney’s mother, the girl’s life went through turmoil. This kind of situation must have been extremely stressful as a young child .

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#4 They Were A Happy Family Once

Here is a picture of the family back when they were happy together. Sydney is pictured with her younger brother, Justin.

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