Woman Notices Used Diaper Bag From Goodwill Is Oddly Heavy, Then Discovers Secret Hole In Lining

Sarah Thomas became an unwitting hero after finding what was hiding in the bag

#1 Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas frequently shops at Goodwill, looking for items she can sell on her resale FaceBook page. She came across a diaper bag and took it home, but when she was going through all the things she got that day, she noticed that the bag felt extra heavy.deal at goodwill resale on facebook snag petunia pickle bottom bag 3 cleaning it heavy kept searching for it

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#2 Diaper Bag

As she was going through this Petunia pickle bottom diaper bag, she couldn’t find anything inside that would be making it feel so heavy, but when she shook the bag she could hear something move. After further examination she found a hole in the lining.

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#3 Hole In Lining

Sarah poked her finger through the hole and felt an object hidden under it. When she pulled it out she was shocked. There was a camera in the bag, most likely left by the previous owner. She was shocked, and wanted to find it’s rightful owner.

via: ktvl

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