Morbidly Obese Couple Loses Combined 308 Lbs In Just 1 Yr, But Their Method May Surprise You

This couple was way too obese. They lost weight in a very unique way…

#1 Meet Danny and Lexi Reed

These two individuals were morbidly obese and needed to make a change, fast. Their lives depended on it. They made a pact that they would try to lose weight, and they lost a combined total of 308 pounds in just one year. This is their story.

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#2 Their Weights

Lexi weighed in at 480 pounds when she decided to lose weight. Her husband weighed 280. Lexi was beginning to suffer real health problems because of her weight, like trouble breathing and other issues. They decided to post their journey on Instagram.

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#3 Lexi’s Journey

Lexi talks about her weight loss struggle, saying, “I was always terrified of breaking furniture when eating out, people would stare at us and it’s no real surprise as we weighed a combined 55 stone. We never ate vegetables and never tried to be healthy, everything we ate would either be fried or from a fast food restaurant.”

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