Mom buys cinder blocks and uses them in ways I never thought of. Here are 15 stunning ideas

15 DIY cinder block ideas.

Cinder blocks can be use in many ways to bring beauty and fresh look to your home. If you have some hanging around your basement or shed,just reuse them to beautify your home.

Here are 15  DIY cinder block ideas.

#1 Outdoor Staircase

Stack and scale cinder blocks to create a beautiful outdoor staircase.

via: thefigure5

#2 Entertainment Center

How cool is this!! You can create the ultimate entertainment center with a bunch of cinder blocks.

via: littlethings

#3 Outdoor Bench

Some cinder blocks, pieces of wood, and some pillow can come together to make an adorable patio bench.

via: decoist

#4 Garden Planters

Create a fantasy garden in your very own home with cinder blocks.

via: sactorose

#5 Bedside Table

Have you been looking for a bedside table? Grab three cinder blocks and you’re done!

via: dwell

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