The Sad Alleged Reason Why Tom Cruise Won’t See His Daughter Suri Anymore

Most know that Tom Cruise is a figurehead in the “religion” that is Scientology, but the lengths which he will reportedly go to for his religion will shock you.

It is being reported that Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter in 4 years

Though he is characteristically active making movies and pretending in said movies that he is still 27 and a paradigm of action hero-ness, apparently he has not taken time in the past 4 years to see his little girl Suri. It made headlines when he split with Katie Holmes, but that apparently contributed to a rift with his daughter that is hard to fathom.

via: buzzfanzine

Religon, or Family?

Apparently the 53-year-old Cruise has bought into the idea that Suri was invaded by a bad Thetan, a notion that Scientologist leader David Miscavige allegedly put in his head. Miscavige is known to wield great power over Cruise, and it is also reported that Cruise now wants to re-unite with his daughter….in order to perform an exorcism on her.

via: buzzfanzine

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