15 Brutally Honest But Hilarious Parenting Comics

Parenting can be hilarious… But not for the people doing the parenting…

#1 – Work With Kids

When you don’t have kids, work sucks. But when you have kids, work is the one place where you have FREEDOM.

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#2 – That’s Not Funny

This is pretty much how I imagine parenting. Living vicariously through the crazy antics that your kids get up to.

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#3 – No Ice Cream

I’m definitely not going to be one of those parents who tells their kids they can have anything they want. No ice cream for you!

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#4 – Why Is He Swearing?

This mom just can’t figure out why little Kyle is swearing so much. Who could he have gotten it from?

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#5 – Kids Are Great

This is probably one of the funniest cartoons in this whole list. Whoever made this is a genius!

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