Man’s Wife Goes into Labor, Then the Nurse Rushes In and Tell Him His ‘Other’ Woman Is Too!

While you might think that the nurses who worked at this hospital have seen plenty of instances like this one in the past, the nurse on call said that she had never seen anything like this before…

When a woman goes into labor it’s very common for the future mother to be accompanied by her partner, family and friends at the hospital. When a woman named Katie prepared to deliver her baby, she was happy to know that her sister, Corey, and Corey’s husband, Travis, were in the waiting room. In a surprising turn of events, it was revealed that Corey was also pregnant and planned to have a C-section within weeks of her sister’s birth. However, Corey’s plans were left in tatters when her sister began having contractions and Corey realized that she was going into labor early.

 #1 – Meet Travis

This is Travis. He and his wife, Katie, were expecting a baby last year in 2016 and the story of their child’s birth is one for the ages. Katie and her sister, Corey, were pregnant at the same time with daughters. Corey was supposed to deliver her baby a few weeks after Katie as she had scheduled her C-section well in advance.

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#2 – All Good, Until…

As the two sisters were preparing for their respective births, the unthinkable happened. To prepare for her sister’s magical day, Corey and her husband were getting prepared to be the photographers and videographers for their new niece. That is, until Katie’s labor started.

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#3 – Sister, Sister

This is where the story gets WILD. Shortly after Katie’s labor initiated, so did Corey! That’s right — two sisters almost simultaneously went into labor at the same time. Not only is it rare that two sisters get to experience pregnancy together, but labor, too? That’s incredible.

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