Police Arrive By School And See Blood Dripping Down Dog’s Chest, Immediately Realize What Transpired

Will pit bulls ever bee seen as good dogs?

Two dogs in an Atlanta neighborhood killed a 6-year-old boy and injured a 5-year-old girl while they were walking to their school bus stop early in the morning on Jan. 17.Police have arrested the dogs’ owner, Cameron Tucker. The dogs were a pit bull and a border collie. Police had to shoot one of the dogs, The Associated Press reports.

#1 Walking To School

A 6-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl were headed to their school like any other day on On January 17, only this time they crossed paths with a pit bull and a border collie who saw the kids as dinner. What happened next has the neighborhood heartbroken that these innocent children weren’t protected.

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#2 Help!

After hearing the children screm for their lives, neighbors ran outside to help the innocent kids. Shamonte Clayton was able to scare the dogs off with her gun. The neighbors saw Logan laying on the ground lifeless, holding him until his mother arrived on the scene.

via: weloveanimals

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