How to Whiten Dark Elbows, Underarms and Knees Easily at Home

Find out the easy way to clean them here.

It is actually very easy to get fairer underarms, elbows and knees with some everyday ingredients found in your kitchen. These recipes are 100% natural and guarantee results in less than a month.

#1 – Keeping Clean

Do you struggle with keeping the weirdest parts of your body clean? Areas like your armpits, knees and elbows are weird parts of the body that one would think would be easy to clean in the shower, but they’re not! Fortunately for you, you’re in luck! Here’s a homemade trick that you can use to get the dirt off all of those hard-to-clean areas.

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#2 – But Why?

Why do areas like your armpits and knees get so dark in the first place? Good question. Not many people know this, but these areas attract a lot of dirt and perspiration. As a result, they look darker than the rest of your body.

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#3 – Before You Go Sleeveless

You may not think twice about it if you’re in a cold climate, but when it warms up and you want to show off your sleeveless shirts, you’ll definitely notice your problem areas. Instead of convincing your friends that you’re not a slob, follow this easy-to-do technique to clear it all up!

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