Couple Has Young Surrogate Carry Their Baby, But Then Midwives See Her Next Ultrasound And Gasp

Shaniece Sturdy was interested in becoming a surrogate since she saw a documentary on television as a teenager

Shaniece Sturdy was watching TV as a teenager when she happened upon a documentary about surrogacy. From that moment on, she was interested in one day becoming a surrogate for a couple struggling to grow their family.

#1 Shaniece Sturdy

It seemed like Shaniece Sturdy had always wanted to be a surrogate, having watched a documentary in her teens and becoming interested in the process. After the birth of her own son, she decided to contact a local agency to investigate becoming a surrogate.

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#2 Surrogate

A couple was found and Shaniece was impregnated with their baby, and soon began to show. “I was only 21 at the time, but I wasn’t interested in partying and drinking,” Shaniece said, “I wanted to help another couple fulfill their family dream.”

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#3 Joanna And Steve

The couple, Joanna and Steve were excited to have found Shaniece and followed her pregnancy carefully. Shaniece was the UK’s youngest surrogate, but it was at Shaniece’s 10 week prenatal scan that everyone gasped when the midwife saw three heartbeats.

via: youtube

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