Doctors Send Girl Home To Die Peacefully In Her Own Bed. Miracle Happens When She Sees ‘Jesus’

Brittany Backenhaster suffered a grand mal seizure that changed her life

Whether you are a religious person or not, it’s hard to deny that some things are just impossible to explain using reason and science. Some experiences go beyond what our minds can comprehend, and they need to be felt, not explained.

#1 Brittany Backenhaster

When Jamie found her little girl gurgling on the floor of her bedroom, she ran to her side and then recognized the symptoms. Little Brittany was having a grand mal seizure, and the reason Jamie recognized it was that she had been suffering from epilepsy herself.

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#2 Hospital

Doctors confirmed Jamie’s diagnosis and put her on medication. Jamie thought everything would be okay and that she would live life the same way that she had. She thought the medication would help her lead a normal life, but she was wrong.

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#3 Helmet

Brittany become unable to communicate and had to wear a helmet to protect her head during seizures. Jamie blamed herself for her daughter’s illness. ” I blamed myself a lot. I gave my daughter this sickness.” Brain scans were not looking good.

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