Aunt Doesn’t Think People Believe Her Nephew Is Being Abused. She Posts the Horrifying Proof to Facebook

Janelle Peterkin thought it was a good idea to take her anger at her ex-boyfriend out on her son

When the aunt felt the abusive videos were not being taken seriously enough, she took matters into her own hands.She posted the videos on Facebook and tried to draw as much attention to them as possible.

#1 Janelle Peterkin

Janelle Peterkin abused her one year old son out of anger toward her ex-boyfriend after finding out he was dating someone else. She decided to take video of her abuse and send it to her boyfriend thinking that her torture of their son would hurt the father.

via: cw39

#2 Torture

In the video she can be seen torturing the little boy and placing a plastic bag over his head. The boy was gagging and vomiting while screaming for his life. In the video, Peterkin lighting her cigarette lighter and putting against the boy’s fingers.

via: cw39

#3 Pictures

She also texted pictures of the abuse to the father. When the boy’s aunt saw the videos, she took action. No one was taking her seriously, so she posted the videos on FaceBook and wrote, “She stuffed the bag in his mouth, then he was throwing up, he was gagging. She burned him on his hands with cigarettes.”

via: cw39

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