This Map Shows the Largest Company in Each State

There are different reasons why certain brands do really well in certain regions. Check out this really cool map that shows which brands are most popular in each region of the United States.

#1 – America the Beautiful

America is known as the cultural melting pot in the world for many reasons. Not only do we have thousands of different subcultures within our borders, but we also have a lot of different ways of thinking that vary region to region. This company managed to highlight those differences on a corporate side by making a map that showed which brands made the biggest impact in that state.

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#2 – Between the Borders

And when you consider how people look at the U.S. who don’t live here, there’s only a handful of landmarks that they think about when they think about certain cities. People often forget that there’s 48 other states besides New York and California and those other states have just as much (definitely a different type) culture in the heartland of the country.

via: arstechnica

#3 – Yahoo’s Map

This new map was released by Yahoo! Finance and it really paints a different type of picture for the States. The map shows the BIGGEST company that is in those states and some of the companies are definitely surprising when you take a deeper look.

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