This Map Shows the Largest Company in Each State

There are different reasons why certain brands do really well in certain regions. Check out this really cool map that shows which brands are most popular in each region of the United States.

#4 – How It Works

So with this map-making process comes a lot of data that’s involved. That’s why the company who did it, Broadview, used Yahoo!’s financial reports to see which companies generated the most revenues and employ the most people within that state’s borders.

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#5 – Small Beginnings

The beautiful thing about this map is that it shows you the diversity of ideas that come from lesser-respected parts of the country. For example, did you know that Walmart is still based in its home state of Arkansas? The only thing people know about that state is that Bill Clinton is from there.

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#6 – Bigger Surprises

Where do you think NIKE is based? New York, California, Texas? If you guessed any of these, you’d be dead wrong. Oregon houses the athletic footwear and clothing giant and has taken over the world with its genius marketing and products.

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