Mom Goes Viral Explaining Why She’s Not Teaching Her Son To Share

The post, which has been shared more than 127,000 times, is clearly striking a chord. Do you agree with her stance?


The old saying teaches us that ‘sharing is caring,’ but could that actually be a damaging mindset? One mom thinks so, and her viral story about teaching her son not to share has the internet split about what really matters when it comes to sharing.

Alanya Kolberg of Springfield, Missouri recently shared a story to Facebook explaining a day at the park during which strangers asked to share her son’s toys.Kolberg felt her son was uncomfortable, and told him it was okay to say ‘no’ when he doesn’t want to share.Some praised Kolberg for her straightforward style and desire to teach her son how to ‘set boundaries.Others criticized this scenario, saying Kolberg was being ‘dramatic’ and that her son won’t learn how to ‘make friends’ with that attitude.

What do you think?

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