16 Times Cameras Caught Kate Middleton Off Guard

Kate Middleton isn’t always as picturesque as she seems. These pictures show her unattractive side…

Being a member of the Royal family means your life is always being analyzed, your every move photographed and your every word picked apart. It takes a special sort of strength to go through all that and keep your sanity, and it’s only natural that a human being would crack every now and then.

Take Kate Middleton, for example, who’s a champion at being a Duchess. But like I said, being in the public eye for so long can get tiring. Here are 16 times cameras caught Kate off-guard:

#1 – Bored Out Of Her Mind

Here she is at the Epsom Derby Meeting at Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey in 2011. Clearly she’s not having fun.

via: providr

#2 – Juggling

She’s clearly learning how to be a mom. And that means juggling your kids as best you can.

via: providr

#3 – America’s Cup World Series

She shows that she doesn’t always want to dress up nicely with this outfit. It was at the America’s Cup World Series.

via: providr

#4 – Sniggering

These two are clearly sharing a special moment. Are they trying not to laugh at a joke?

via: providr

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