Angry Wife Writes A Letter To her Cheating Husband’s Mistress and Posts It On Facebook

A wife finds out her husband is cheating, then she writes his mistress.

She might sound a little crazy with this diatribe, but we bet her husband’s mistress was quaking in her boots thinking ‘what the HELL have I got myself in to’.

Cheating is never okay. Melanie is definitely better off without!

She nailed it with this response:

#1 Thanks

The wife, Melanie found out that her husband was cheating on her with a woman named Jennifer. Her note to her started off with a capricious “thank you.” Then she begins her list…

via: providr

#2 Finances

She lists the things that his mistress will have to get used to if she should choose to stay with him. The first one revolves around money!

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#3 Revenge

Revenge was sweet for her and she “damaged” a few of his things after learning about his infidelity.

via: providr

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