After Spending Life As ‘Very Feminine,’ Transgender Man Reveals His True Identity

This man lived his whole life as a woman. Now, he’s revealing the truth…

LGBT awareness has been on the rise in the past decade in particular. Every day that passes, people feel more and more comfortable coming out and revealing their true sexual orientation or identity. It is through this courageous act that other transgender men and women realize they are not alone and can finally build up the confidence to push the naysayers aside and do what they need to do to be happy.

#1 Meet Jaime Wilson

Jaime Wilson is a very unique man. He’s just as much of a “dude” as the rest of us, it’s just that he was born a woman. Now the internet is amazed after he shared his transformation online.

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#2 This Is What He Looks Like Now

Looking at Jaime, you would never guess that he started out his life as a woman. He is a musician and model living in Michigan.

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#3 Tough Struggle

Jaime has been through some tough times, namely being disowned by his family after stating his intentions to become a man after 18 years of living with them.

He says, “I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I came out as Trans. YES, I was born in a female body and NO I’m not ashamed of it.”

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#4 Testosterone Treatments

Of course, all of this is possible with the help of new technology. Jaime relies on regular hormone treatments of testosterone to become a man.

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