Cara Delevingne Has Shaven Off All Her Hair

The supermodel pulled a Miley Cyrus

#1 – It’s All Gone!

Say goodbye to the golden locks supermodel Cara Delevingne once rocked, because she pulled a Britney spears and shaved off ALL of her hair.

via: ladbible

#2 – A Real Actress

The 24-year-old model turned actress has been in a few hit films, and now she’s taking on a new role alongside Jaden Smith.

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#3 – Fresh Shave

She obviously wanted to fully dedicate herself to the role, so she said bye bye to the luscious hair that made her so famous. Let’s all just be happy she didn’t shave off those signature thick eyebrows.

via: ladbible

#4 – A Dying Girl

The movie she’s starring in is called Life in a Year, and it follows Jaden Smith’s character who finds out his girlfriend (Cara) is dying! Guess now we know her character has cancer.

via: ladbible

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