Groom Is Lost For Words As Bride Walks Away, Now Make Sure You Keep Your Eyes On Her Hands

He thought she was abandoning him…

#1 Imagine

Imagine you’re holding hands with your wife to be. She is about to say her vows, but you see her walk away instead. It happened to this man in the picture.

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#2 Terrifiying Moment

That can’t have been nice… actually, it must have been quite terrifiying. Brittany stepped away from the altar and left Evan standing there on his own.
The thing was that Brittany has a secret plan.

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#3 American Sign Language

The music starts to play, and she sings it while using ASL, which is a passion they both share, and she does it with a meaningful song that they both love.
When Evan finally realizes what is going on, he’s obviously relieved and also overtaken by emotion. That was her way of expressing her wedding vows.

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