Homeless Man Finds $676. When He Returns It, Owner Gifts Him With Unbelievable Reward.

Beautiful story of good deeds paying off

Yesenia Del Valle was in a panic. One minute she was heading off to send a tax payment to the IRS. when she looked in her bag and realized a terrible truth, the document -as good as cash- was lost to the wind. “It flew away somehow,she tore her car apart looking everywhere. She thought maybe she left it in the tax office, checking for it there. she was frantic.”

A disappointed Del Valle headed home to break the bad news to her husband.Later that night, she heard a knock at her front door. It was Sergio Juarez — and in his hand was the $676 money order she’d lost. Sergio Juarez, a total stranger, handed her the $676 money order that he found underneath his car.

via: Yesenia Del Valle

Fortunately, Del Valle had signed and addressed it on the back.When he showed up at her door she gave Juarez $40 for his honesty and kindness.”Take your wife to Denny’s,” she told him.But he said would use that $40 for gas.

Yesenia Del Valle

And that’s when Del Valle realized the truth. This man was homeless.So she started asking more questions and Juarez told her he and his wife — along with 3 children — were living at a motel.

She felt that $40 wasn’t enough to thank Juarez and, Del Valle stayed up the whole night trying to decide what to do,she got a brilliant idea and she  created a GoFundMe account  for Sergio that has now raised over $16,000 in only 7 days.

via: Yesenia Del Valle

Thanks to the publicity, Sergio now has multiple job offers and will soon receive the funds that were raised for him and his family.

“Don’t stop believing in miracles. You never know who is going to help you and who you are going to help in this world,” Del Valle said.

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