Wounded Veteran Walked In Crying, Then Wife Spots Note In His Hand & Breaks Down Too.

When Christopher found this note, things got a little easier for the recovering veteran.

Things can be tough for veterans returning home after active duty. A lot of them come back with injuries, either physical or mental, and receiving the sort of care they need can be difficult.Brave people serving in our armed forces deserve all the help and respect they can get when they return home.

Christopher Garrett was a war veteran who had been wounded in combat while in Iraq.His return back to the states was challenging.His pelvis had been shattered and,though he had gone through treatment to heal it, the wound was never the same. He couldn’t walk without a limp and he found that many things he tried to do were nearly impossible without feeling pain.

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Some of these physical tasks were painful for Christopher, including mowing the lawn. Equipped with just a standard push mower, the veteran still cut the grass even though it wasn’t easy for him. One day, his wife, Brittany, was getting ready and saw her husband with tears in his eyes. Brittany feared for the worst and ran to comfort Christopher, but, when she did, she discovered they were tears of joy! Mowing the lawn isn’t fun for anybody but it was especially difficult for Christopher. But luckily for the Garretts, one kind neighbor had observed his troubles and decided to take matters into their own hands. This kind gesture had moved Christopher to tears!

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In his hand he held a letter that read:

“I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life. Thank you for your service and for my freedom. Sincerely, A grateful American.”

An incredibly kind stranger had noticed the difficulty that Christopher had in mowing his lawn and had decided to gift him with an amazing gift – a riding lawn mower!

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This device would make it so much easier for Christopher to complete the difficult task. Then, he could spend the time he saved with his wife and child.Christopher and Brittany have no idea who left this amazing gift outside of their house so they took to Facebook to share this story and hopefully show the kind stranger how incredibly grateful they are for this life-changing mower.

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