Cop Seizes Girl For Stealing $2 Shoes, But Heart Breaks When He Sees Her Home.

A police officer in Atlanta is getting praise for his response to a shoplifting call.

A police officer in Atlanta is getting praise for his response to a shoplifting call.

According to the City of Atlanta Police Department, in February Officer Che Milton was called to a Family Dollar where an employee was holding a 12-year-old who they said shoplifted a pair of $2 shoes.

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When Milton showed up, he asked the girl why she shoplifted, and she said her 5-year-old sister needed shoes and she couldn’t afford them.Instead of arresting the young girl, Officer Milton took her home to see if her living conditions were as bad as he assumed. To his shock, they were even worse.

Four children — ranging from a newborn to the 12-year-old — were living in a house that didn’t have enough beds for all of them and didn’t have much food.Their mother and father who weren’t able to earn enough to make ends meet.

The mom told the officer she doesn’t work because she wouldn’t be able to afford day care, and her husband works but doesn’t make much money.

Officer Milton bought four large pizzas and two liters of soda for the family – delivering the bounty personally to their front door.

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He later on contacted a social worker who could help the family improve their situation.A fellow officer from Atlanta PD spilled the beans on big hearted Officer Milton for his act of kindness.Not only did Milton get the recognition he deserves, but now that the story has gone viral, donations for the family keep pouring in with clothes, furniture and even monetary gifts to help them get by.

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