Disney Princesses Face Real-Life Problems Like Drugs And Rape In Powerful Photo Series By Shannon Dermody

Just be warned that some of the photos are quite graphic.

Philadelphia-based photographer Shannon Dermody set up to explore in her latest photo series featuring Disney princesses dealing with drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, rape, sex trafficking and all the darkest aspects of our reality.

The photographer is seeking to raise awareness about the real-world problems by taking us out of our comfort zone and talking about dramatic living conditions many people around the world face every day. Just be warned that some of the photos are quite graphic.

#1 Domestic Violence

via: Shannon Dermody

#2 Pollution

via: Shannon Dermody

#3 Alcoholism

via: Shannon Dermody

#4 Rape

via: Shannon Dermody

#5 Suicide

via: Shannon Dermody

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