Indian Illustrator Hilariously Captures What It’s Like Growing Up In An Indian Family

Indian Family Comics

Brown Paperbag is a series of comics created by Sailesh Gopalan, a 21-year-old design student from Mumbai. He accurately depicts what life was like for him growing up in an Indian family, and his experiences are hilarious.

The artist describes his comics as “a slice-of-life comedy webcomic aimed at highlighting the ironies and exploiting the stereotypes that prevail in Indian families and society in a satirical fashion.

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#1 Exposé

via: Brown Paperbag

#2 Space Jam

via: Brown Paperbag

#3 Play the Blame Game, Blame the Game Play

via: Brown Paperbag

#4 Privacy

via: Brown Paperbag

#5 Profeign

via: Brown Paperbag

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